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Mandee. @mindfulwithmandee

To some of us, there may not seem to be a difference between setting expectations vs. intentions - but the truth is, expectations are probably one of the most toxic things in your life. here’s why:

For the most part, expectations focus on the outcome of a certain situation. When we set expectations for someone or something, we are setting a hope that something will happen in a specific way that fits our personal wants and needs - these hopes create an emotional attachment to the given situation, and in an imperfect world like ours where expectations are almost never met, we are often left feeling disappointed.

Intentions, on the other hand, are more of a general idea or direction of how you want something to go. By setting intentions, you are removing any emotional attachment that you may have to a specific outcome and allowing things to happen however they will, without being upset or disappointed.

To put it simply, expectations ultimately demand the actions of other people. By learning to detach yourself from setting expectations and removing your hopes and emotions from a given situation, you’ll find yourself to be much happier✨


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