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Scottsdale Mayor Is Furious With Floyd Mayweather for This Reason

Written By: Kailyn McBride @kxailyn

Photo from Instagram @floydmayweather

As the rules of social distancing are starting to be ignored by more and more people, Floyd Mayweather is adding to that list as he hosts an event at a nightclub in Arizona this past weekend.

As the night's activities were captured by various people who attended, both photos and videos have been leaked of Mayweather standing above a huge crowd as no one in the night club seemed to be complying with the 6-feet rule.

To make matters worse and to spark the attention from many people including the mayor of Scottsdale, Arizona, Jim Lane, it was made clear that the mayor was both disturbed as he expressed the lack of common sense that Mayweather had along with everyone who joined him.

As there is no response yet from Mayweather, photos are still being shared and it is not sitting well with a lot of people.

As the mayor still had more to say, the lack of consideration and "civil responsibly" seems to be a common theme when discussing the former professional boxer.


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