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Romaine Waite Of 'Saying Yes To Christmas' Opens Up About The Film And His Favorite Holiday Dish

Lifetime is back at it with its slate of holiday films and next up is 'Saying Yes to Christmas' starring Erika Prevost and Romaine Waite.

Photo Credit: @RomaineWaite_ on Instagram

The film follows career-obsessed June (Erika Prevost) who returns home for the holidays and thanks to a Christmas wish from old flame Blake (Romaine Waite), she can't stop saying yes to tasks that are Christmas-related, which causes work to fall behind.

I recently got the opportunity to chat with Romaine Waite about the film where we discusses how it was working with this cast on set, how to deal with pressure from jobs, and his favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving. Full interview below!

'Saying Yes to Christmas' airs on November 30th at 8/7 central on Lifetime.


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