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Rapper and Songwriter, $implekidd

Photo By: JMK A.K.A @thereal_jmk on Instagram

Artist’s Song: "FADEAWAY"

$implekidd is a Rapper, Singer, and Producer from Amarillo Texas. Getting into music at 17 and having a child at such a young age, he never believed he would ever become an artist. Always feeling deep about life and the struggles people get themselves into. $implekidd was huge into psychology as a teen and always wanted to express his battle with depression and anxiety so he can share his feelings through music. His music makes the “uncomfortable” comfortable. He also wants his music to let the people who may be lonely have a reason for being here on earth. While being in the Alternate Rap and Melodic Rap Lane, he does not recognize any genre label and makes music that resonates with his soul. It’s helped him develop into a better artist by making so many songs and evaluating other music as if it was his own. He became his own counselor. Working on music for almost four years before even mentioning to anyone he did music, in his first year of creating music he dropped over 40+ songs. He connected himself to a studio and started engineering for them. Consistently going and now in his own studio he makes music full time. This year $imple started making beats so his next wave of music is going to be produced exclusively by him. He evaluates himself as an artist.

His song, FADEAWAY shows him rapping in different autotuned deliveries. Implementing triplet flows with speedy rapping with heavy autotune creating for an upbeat and surreal performance. Bumping trap instrumental with loud bass and heavy synth passages throughout the track. This track shows his ability to create a vibey song while also spitting bars. A great experience all around. Give this song a listen if you're into Melodic Rap, Trap Rap, or Alternative Hip Hop Music.

Listen to "FADEAWAY" by $implekidd on YouTube Music & Soundcloud!

Artist's Social Media:

Instagram: @itsneverbeensimple


Written by Steven Wease

Social Media: @reviewmusic6

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