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Quad Webb Confirms She Has Adopted A Baby Girl

Written by: Amber Hawkins @ambbam_

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Married to Medicine's Quad Webb recently announced she’s joining the mommy club. During an instagram live segment with Deluxe Magazine she broke the news, her baby girl Ari was born on April 8th.

Some may find this as a shock due to the fact that she’s single. Last year she divorced her ex-husband Gregory Lunceford , she explained that she is looking forward to finding a home to welcome her expanding family.

Quad is very excited and grateful for the new addition to her family she released a statement to The Daily Dish.It is exciting news, and there are so many moving pieces. My mom and I are extremely happy to welcome baby Ari to her new village.”

Currently, Quad is preparing to meet her daughter for the first time. "I am headed to Memphis this week and I cannot wait to meet her. There’s so much happening so fast! I’ve been in the process of looking for a new home, and now it has a completely different meaning," she stated. "I’m eager and anxious, as my family means so much to me. We thank you in advance for all of your prayers and well wishes.”

Congratulations Quad :)


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