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POWER MOVES: Lanasia Angelina

Written by Amber Hawkins @ambbamm_

Photo by @DarrienPope

As a master mindset coach and NLP Practitioner, I help ambitious professionals to master their mindsets so that they can maximize their potential. To reach beyond their current level of achievement in order to access the next level within their lives.

Lanasia Angelina says nothing is more fulfilling to me than being a part of life-altering experiences that transforms a person’s trajectory.

After almost a decade of service as a leader within the youth development non-profit sector, I soon learned that the work is continual. If you’re heading in the right direction, your life will be a never-ending journey of new levels. Each level requires a new version of yourself and a new approach for successful navigation.

As a coach, I serve as the navigation guide that leads you to that greater level.

My philosophy is that "Everything you need is already within you". My empowering coaching style will enable you to achieve more success within your career, foster healthier relationships and experience greater fulfillment within every aspect of your life. Once I challenge you to see beyond your perceived limitations, you'll soon realize that you have unlimited potential that will grant you access to limitless possibilities.

Author of The Balance Book: 21 Days of Guided Motivation & Meditation

Owner of Rise Coaching Agency


YV: People often group therapy and having a life coach under the same umbrella, can you share what differentiates the two?

Lanasia: Simply put: Therapy is looking back and coaching is moving forward. Therapy focuses on the experience of processing past and current events, while coaching focuses on the thinking that motivates a person's behaviors. This empowers the coach and client to collaborate on a plan that gets the clients moving in the direction of their goals.

YV: What sparked your interest in becoming a life coach? Were you working as a NLP practitioner prior to making the transition to life coach?

Lanasia: I never had an interest in life coaching. lol I didn't even know what life coaching was, but I aligned my lifestyle with the work that I do and realizing how much of an impact transformational change had on my life, I wanted others to share the same experience. The practice of neuro-linguistic programming came after life coaching for 3 years. My daily goal is to become more effective in the lives of others than I was the day before, and learning more about the mind and how it impacts our behaviors has allowed me to better serve the people that I'm called to help.

YV: Sometimes there can be misconceptions or theories that minority women cannot work collectively , I see RiseAgency has an all black female staff. Can you share a little more on how you all came across each other’s paths?

Lanasia: I absolutely love this question. My number one goal as a leader is to keep everyone focused on the mission and the vision. When the vision is the