Pina Colada Pudding

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This is a nice refreshing dessert for the summer. This pudding is not too sweet and so anyone can enjoy it😉

Here the recipe for Pina Colada Pudding:

Servings (4 persons) Cook Time (30 minutes)


  • 2 cups, Milk

  • 1 can (250ml), Coconut Milk

  • 15 grams, Gelatin

  • As per your taste, Monk sugar

  • 2 cups, Fresh Pineapples

  • 1 cup, Tender coconut

  • Some Pineapple wedges to decorate

  • 1 tsp, Pina Colada essence


  • Heat the milk with the monk sugar on a slow flame to not over boil.

  • Now add the coconut milk to the heated milk and give it a nice boil.

  • Bloom the gelatin in cold water (3-5 mins) .. dissolve it properly and add to the heated mixture.

  • Now let the mixture of milk cool.

  • Now add I cup of pineapple, the coconut, and a teaspoon of essence to the mixture.

  • Pour it in the glassware of your choice.

  • Let it sit for 6 to 8 hours.

  • After the pudding is set, sprinkle the remaining pineapple and if you wish, shred some more coconut over the pudding, then add the pineapple wedge and serve it chilled.