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Nerissa Shea @nerissa_sheafitness

Image by Coffee Bean from Pixabay


A hot topic these days among the fitness and wellness space with every Tom, Dick & Harry jumping on the bandwagon of trying to sell you this diet or that diet and telling you that doing X will help you with Y.

The truth is EVERY SINGLE PERSON is different and when it comes to women and their menstrual cycles, that is no different.

The average menstrual cycle is 28 days.


Does that mean your menstrual cycle is 28 days? Maybe, maybe not.

This is why I HIGHLY recommend tracking your cycle.

There are SO many apps out there for that.

There are 2 phases to the menstrual cycle: Follicular Phase & Luteal Phase.

Follicular Phase: Day 0 – 14/15 (approximately)

Luteal Phase: Day 15 – 28 (approximately)

The two MAIN STARS of the hormone show are Estrogen & Progesterone.

The Follicular Phase (FP) sees estrogen rise, usually peaking around ovulation time – day 14 (ish) so in this phase, we experience what is called: OESTROGEN DOMINANCE.

Estrogen Dominance:

1. Aids muscle repair

2. Anti–catabolic (anti-catabolic properties are those which protect muscle mass in the body from being broken down)

3. Acts as an antioxidant during exercise – it reduces muscle damage

4. Potentially see the highest strength just before ovulation.

There are 3 estrogens but the one that plays the largest role in appetite is ESTRADIOL.

When estradiol is higher in the follicular phase (day 1 - 14), appetite is usually lower.

It also increases our satiation after meals.

We think hmmm…. okay, I am actually full & satisfied.