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Odell Beckham Jr. Exposed by Instagram Personality Slim Danger

Written By: Kailyn McBride @kxailyn

Getty Images/ Diamond Images

Widely known receiver for the Cleveland Browns, Odell Beckham Jr., gets exposed on the “Thots Next Door” podcast by adult actress, Slim Danger. Allegedly, Danger, who also shares a child with Rapper Chief Keef, says that OBJ flew her out and asked her to defecate on him.

After the story's arrival earlier this week, OBJ began trending on social as a lot of fans and followers played a part in mocking his sexual preferences.

As the hosts of the interview are already known for exposing their sexual encounters with different celebrities, social media influencers Celina Powell and Aliza both previously appeared on the No Jumper Podcast with Adam22, after exposing that Trey Songz urinated on them without consent.

In this episode, Danger shares that OBJ asked her to send him a video of her using the bathroom and for her to not shower twenty-four hours before seeing him.

"He loves to be shitted on," said Danger. After saying that she wasn't able to defecate on command, Danger also explained that OBJ's fetish included uncleanliness in general.

As all of the allegations that were made in this episode could very well be rumors to stir a little controversy, the clip has already gone viral and OBJ is already trending just in time for the upcoming NFL season.


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