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Music Reviews: Artist CerVon Campbell

Singer, Rapper, & Songwriter

Artist’s Song: “Kickback”


CerVon Campbell is a singer, rapper, & songwriter from South Carolina; an artist known for his soulful sound, delightful singing, and venting lyrics around various topics. Campbell started his come up performing as a stand-up comic and eventually transitioning into becoming a singer & rapper. He's also credited as a screenwriter, songwriter, and actor playing in various films. As stated, his inspiration is from many sounds in music. Favored for bending genres, Campbell has crafted mixtures of hip-hop, R&B, alternatives, indie, country/folk, rock, and EDM throughout his discography. When rapping, his sound is very similar to rappers such as Baby Keem & IDK. When he's singing his sound is very similar to singers such as Rex Orange County. Campbell’s song “Kickback” has a lot of elements of indie, pop, and soul. Plucky acoustic guitars and soulful background vocals allow for him to sing his heart out over this luscious instrumental. Coming in at just under two minutes, this song comes for an intended purpose and goes. He wastes no time on this song with any flashy lyricism or a hard instrumental. Just a nice soft ballad where he's able to sing his heart out. Overall, this song is amazing. Listen to “Kickback” on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and other music streaming platforms!

Artist's Social Media:

Instagram: @sexymonkeylimodriver

Twitter: @cervoncampbell

TicTok: @cervoncampbell


Writer's information:

Social Media: @reviewmusic6

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