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Written by Asia Diamond @asiadiamond

All Photos by DelanteArmani Photography™ ; Outlet: @EQUITYISLAND; Site: @delantearmani

YV Magazine was in the building at Sky Lounge for LA Love The Boss " Banana" Music Video Premiere. Your girl Asia Diamond & Jo Mindz was there to capture a few moments for you. Watch the video below.

Let me give you a little preview of how the night went with words, photos and videos.

Ever walked into an event and was just in awe? From the staff, food, venue, music etc.

LA Love The Boss gave exactly that from the moment you walked in to her music video release premiere located at Sky Lounge.

First and Foremost she looked beautiful as ever. Her presence, Her Energy and Her Smile was Amazing. Her presence made you enjoy being there.

Now about this good ol sexy video Banana, Can we say sexy over load?. You just have to see for yourself.

Video by @filmflexfilms

All Photos by: DelanteArmani Photography™; Outlet: @EQUITYISLAND; Site: @delantearmani


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