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Ryder Tully is a fun, energetic 12-year-old singer, dancer, and songwriter who released his latest single over the summer called “Its Alright.” Though he is young, don’t let his age fool you. Ryder is a motivated musician driven by his love for music. The high-energy song is about not wanting the summer to end but is also about dealing with bullies and ‘haters’ at school and realizing that everything will work out. He hopes to inspire other kids through his music to bring happiness and belief in themselves stating, “I’ve been bullied and gone through hard times like some other people may have. Just stay focused on what you love and the people that love you and things will be alright.”

Ryder got his start with music by watching Coldplay and Justin Beiber when he was just two years old and developed a love for dancing from watching Usher and Michael Jackson. About 2-3 years ago, Ryder joined social media and quickly gained followers with his dancing videos on Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube. Ryder enjoys interacting with his fans by hosting live streams. When he isn’t performing, Ryder likes to draw, play video games, and play the electric drums.

You can keep up with everything Ryder is up to by following his social media pages @rydertullymusic on all platforms.

Photos by Ryder Tully


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