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Written by Bhavani Swaminathan @aakanksha_dfw

It is very important to keep a check on your weight as it is the root cause of all other health issues. Make sure that you are not going on fad diets that work to shed pounds rapidly while leaving you hungry and deprived. Eat a clean diet consisting of more or raw food in the form of either salads, fresh fruits and nuts and seeds. These food are basically alkaline food which supports good health. Do not indulge in too much carbs and proteins. Restrict fats and oil consumption. Portion control is equally important. Chew food thoroughly for a long time so that it gets mixed with saliva properly and aids in good digestion. Once food is digested properly then only it get assimilated in the body and each cell gets proper amount of nutrients. I am sharing a vegan smoothie recipe. Have this smoothie during your breakfast. Ensure that you have only smoothie and notice the result soon.



Fresh coconut milk - 100 ml

Fresh dates - 4 or 5

Black raisins - 10 or 12

Almonds - 5 or 6

Banana - 2

Cinnamon powder – ½ tsp


For this recipe go for fresh coconut milk. It can be easily made at home. Just scrape 1 full coconut. Blend it in the blender adding 1 glass water and strain it. Now add the remaining ingredients- banana, almonds, raisins, dates (must be soaked for half an hour in water), cinnamon powder and blend them well. Now pour it in a glass and have this soothing vegan smoothie for your breakfast. Do not refrigerate it. Gives best result when consumed immediately.


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