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King Von's Passing Has Caused Drama Amidst the Mourning

Written by: Briana Wright @misswrighttv

Photo from Instagram @kingvonfrmdao

On Friday November 6th, Chicago rapper King Von passed away after a brawl turned shoot out in Atlanta. Rumors as to whether he was shot by the police or not were put to rest when the surveillance video of the altercation was released; yet, more speculations came after the video.

King Von's ex-girlfriend Asian Doll took to Twitter following his death, posting some very emotional content. Some messages of depression, reminiscence and even some alluding to spiritual contact with Von after his passing.

Her tweet, "Von last words was 'y'all let them n*ggas get up on me.." and others gave the impression that the rest of his squad at the scene of the crime with him let him die or didn't do all they could to help. Those comments caught the attention of King Von's manager who later, in an interview with DJ Akademiks, addressed them.

In the interview, he basically says that any input from anyone who wasn’t there is speculation- referring to Asian Doll. He also says he spoke to her about her tweets and that Von’s supposed last words that she tweeted were via a “spiritual advisor.” So basically, “she was talking to the dead,” he says.

His manager was also shot during the altercation and claims that the narrative that his camp was disloyal and let King Von get killed is false. Despite saying multiple times that he never intended to disrespect Asian Doll, she definitely took the comment personally.

She responded on IG live, where she gets emotional while defending herself and their relationship, in so many words.

The surveillance video also gave Atlanta PD reason to arrest Timothy Leeks, 22-year old Atlanta resident, for the murder of King Von. The video shows an initial dispute between two groups- King Von's and whatever group Leeks belongs to.

After a quick brawl, Leeks jumps out of a white vehicle and shoots Von. Multiple shots went off and both injured parties were rushed to the hospital. Von unfortunately didn't make it, but Leeks is still in the hospital recovering, where he is also being held in custody.

Rumor has it that Leeks is a part of Atlanta rapper, Quando Rondo's camp. Rondo hasn't addressed it yet but King Von's label head and close friend, Lil Durk apparently bought out all the tables to Rondo's upcoming performance; resulting in Rondo cancelling.

Whether that's true or not, our hearts go out to Lil Durk, Asian Doll, Von's management, camp, family and fans. Dayvon Daquan "King Von" Bennett passed away at only 26-years old. While he will be dearly missed, we are pleased to report that he owned the masters to his music, so his children and family will reap the royalties of his success.


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