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Jay Manuel And Miss J Break Their Silence Amid The Tyra Banks #ANTM Backlash

Written by: Amber Hawkins @ambbamm_

Photo credit: Facebook ( VIA Miss J’s Page)

Recently, the former supermodel has received criticism due to footage of controversial moments on her hit reality show America’s Next Top Model resurfacing. After a series of angry tweets, retweets & hashtags Tyra issued an apology for her lack of empathy and being insensitive toward the models. Which some felt wasn’t truly sincere .

Tyra’s former cast members Jay Manuel and Miss J also spoke out about their time on #ANTM. During an Instagram live chat, they addressed some of the top moments in the show’s history and some common accusations.

Both of the former cast members agreed that Tyra was unfairly being thrown under the bus because they feel she was trying to give the potential models a dose of how critical the real model world is.

They also addressed accusations made against them and moments that made them uncomfortable. “I’m just going to stipulate this. Everyone keeps asking, well who allowed that? And the J’s stood by and this and this and that. Let’s be real, Miss Tyra, as she always said in the press, it was her show. She was the host anything that happened on that show is sanctioned by or was creative that Tyra put forward.”

Another controversial moment on the show was during season 5 Tyra told a gay contestant she shouldn’t put the spotlight on her sexuality. This made Jay uncomfortable.

“I remember feeling a little uncomfortable with the statement. I could see Tyra trying to draw the parallel and what she was trying to illustrate, and I was confused by it because we ask these girls to come in the room and the producers remind the girls before they come in, “Tell them who you are. You’re not just a pretty face. You have to have a discussion about who you are.”

“These girls are coached to speak their truth and tell Tyra who they are, and then Tyra said that, so it seemed a bit unfair. You can see it on that model’s face, like, wait a minute, I was told to say everything about myself, and now you’re telling me to not say this.”

Honestly, looking back on the history of this show some of the things and criticism the girls had to endure was extremely offensive, insensitive and crude.

The J’s said that after a while, it was about putting on a show more than actual fashion, with their input being disregarded in order to cater to sponsors, producer Ken Mock, the CW network and other individuals who weren’t to fond of fashion.

When asked about the current state of his relationship with Tyra, Jay Manuel says there is no relationship. Sad to hear, the duo continued to reminisce and address past situations. To hear more click the link below.


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