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Janesha Is Helping Break Generational Patterns Through New Book

As we all know, books have served as a major escape and a tool people turn to when needing that mental vacation from real life. Experts suggest that reading the right book can even change your life.

According to national data, reading has increased 40 percent since the national pandemic and according to “Publishers Weekly”, sales for the first three quarters were up by more than 6% compared to previous years. Although there have been an abundant amount of authors within recent months, Janesha Forrester-Taylor is creating a new narrative!

The Florida resident Janesha Forrester-Taylor is a teacher, mother, wife, and now an author. Her book, “The Cycle Between Us” helps those who are aiming to break cycles; who may be continuing on a never-ending cycle of abusive relationships and repeated affairs. Readers are taken on a journey by diving into the lives of three powerful women as they overcome the ‘generational curses’ of the cycle in which they share despite their different generations.

It’s a known fact that history and cycles repeat themselves, especially family cycles. It seems as though our experiences and those of our forebears are never gone, even if they have been forgotten (or, more likely, never admitted) they become part of us.

As this story hits close to home for the author, she hopes to spread a message by sharing her truth of being an overcomer and being able to make a success story out of your life no matter what cards you are dealt.

This is a life-changing story of hope and inspiration that will touch and reach generations to come. The cycle of family habits and patterns goes from generation to generation. Breaking a generational curse is something everyone can relate to no matter your ethnic background, socioeconomic status, or religion.

Most likely to be one of the next bestselling authors, Janesha continues making life-changing impressions upon every person who reads “The Cycle Between Us”. She serves as a beacon of hope, inspiring the minds of those who read the book; one reader at a time.

You can support Janesha Forrester-Taylor by purchasing a copy of her book "The Cycle Between Us" now available in paperback and e-book on Amazon!

Follow Janesha on Instagram: @Janesha_Forrester_Taylor to stay connected with the author.

Special Thanks to @thebookingconnectionteam

Photos, courtesy of Janesha Forrester-Taylor.


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