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How to Avoid Falsely Filling Voids

Have you ever experienced a moment in time when everything was going well, and then out of nowhere a deep sense of emptiness seems to come over you? This can occur for a variety of reasons; this entry is pertaining to how to stay away from falsely filling voids if or when they occur.

Take time to self reflect and discover what’s truly missing. Oftentimes, we may find ourselves on autopilot unaware of what’s going on within. We can go in and out of each day not checking in on ourselves. And if done over an extended period of time, there comes a moment when we look up and feel a sense of emptiness. Taking time to self-reflect on a regular basis has the ability to prevent us from unknowingly filling voids with false fillers.

Find the false fillers. False fillers are things, thoughts, and even relationships that seem to fill in the gaps one may experience but only yield to a deeper void. This can be done unconsciously. Take food for example, oftentimes people seek comfort in food after breakups versus directly dealing with the breakup itself. The same is true pertaining to “retail therapy”, relationships built on trauma bonds, and much more. Your time in self reflect can also reveal the thing you have chosen to replace actually healing.

Consider that the “void” may be due to a lack of not perceiving what you already have. There are many who do not know the nature of peace and what it feels like. So much so, they run away from it expecting something unfavorable to happen versus basking in the moment. What some call voids is really just peace. But because they are unfamiliar with that reality, they aren’t able to identify and embrace it.

Consider the calm you may be experiencing. Is it really a void? You have to really think about this truth and consider all that is well and embrace it. Don’t see peace as boredom or spend it waiting for the other shoe to drop (as many say); see it as a priceless gift and rest in it.

LifeWork: take at least 10 minutes to reflect on possible voids, potential false fillers, and the moments of peace you experience on a regular basis. Journal your thoughts and emotions that may surface.


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