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How Kanye West, Mariah Carey, Tyler Perry and more Celebrated Easter Sunday

Written By: Kailyn McBride. @kxailyn

Photo from Instagram @kanyewestaurant_

Kanye West created a popular, hand-crafted service for the social media age who held its first service back in January. This widely-known choir, named Sunday Service, has performed every Sunday and features a combination of Kanye West’s taste in music, fashion, art, and more. 

Produced by Jason White, this past Sunday, Kanye West collaborated with Joel Osteen and streamed a pre-recorded virtual service complimented by Lakewood Church. Providing its audience with gospel renditions and sermons, the collaboration also featured hymns from Mariah Carey as she recognized the men in women for their personal and professional sacrifices.

Along with Mariah Carey, Tyler Perry shared powerful words as he spoke about hope and remembering to love and embrace each other during this difficult time.


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