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Hosea Chanchez Says 'The Game' Reboot Is 'More Grounded' This Time Around

Looks like we still have more plays to run as The Game is back on our screens - this time on Paramount+.

Relocating from San Diego to Sin City, The Game returns with a mix of new players and original cast to offer a modern-day examination of Black culture through the prism of pro football. The team will tackle racism, sexism, classism, and more as they fight for fame, fortune, respect, and love – all while trying to maintain their souls as they each play The Game.

Wendy Raquel Robinson and Hosea Chanchez reprise their roles as the mother-son duo, Tasha Mack and Malik Wright with newcomers, Adriyan Rae (“Chicago Fire”) as Brittany Pitts, the daughter of Jason and Kelly Pitts; Vaughn Hebron (“Tyler Perry’s The Oval”) as Jamison Fields, an undrafted free agent; Analisa Velez (“Sneaky Pete”) as Raquel Navarro, Brittany’s best friend; and Toby Sandeman (“Power Book III: Raising Kanan”) as Garret Evans, the top football player in the league joining the cast this season.

When asked about the secret to the show's success after three incarnations, Chanchez spills the show is "more grounded."

"It's more grounded this time around and the production value is bigger than anything Wendy and I have been a part of," he shares. "This is probably the biggest the show has been and more grounded due to the world that we live in. We are all more weighted people. I don't leave my house without a purpose, I leave my home with intention and return healthier than when I left - so I feel we are all doing things more intentional and the show is telling stories from a more authentic place."

Robinson adds the show is giving the viewers a more "inside track" of where the characters are.

Now as we know, the rebooted series has lost a few original key players, but Chanchez confirms with or without them, Malik and Tasha were always the glue to each other.

"Luckily for Wendy and I, we've always been each other's partners," he confirms. "There's not Malik in this world with no Tasha and vice versa. Despite him not having a romantic life, it really encapsulates the relationship with Tasha and Malik - allowing you to see inside their world a little bit more than you were able to before."

Get off the bench and head to the streaming field as a new episode of 'The Game' drops every Thursday of Paramount+.


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