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Hip Hop Pioneer, Activist, Music Artist Arnstar Shines Light on the Hip- Hop Culture and Talks About

Interview by Patrice Rivers @thatriverzgurlbrandllc

Born as Sean Kirkland in 1991 in Brooklyn, NY, ARNSTAR is an actor, dancer, rapper, social activist and overall creative! While raised in Harlem, NY there’s a subtle blend of influences from the two boroughs. It was destined for ARNSTAR to become the person he is today because he comes from a multi-faceted family. Having performed on stages such as Times Square New Year’s Eve (2021), America’s Got Talent (2020), Madison Square Garden (iHeart Radio’s Jingle Ball 2018 and more! Aside from his love for music and dance, ARNSTAR discovered he had a knack for acting too. He landed a supporting role in The Netflix Original Film “Roxanne Roxanne” as the legendary “MC Shan”, who was a close friend to legendary Femcee “Roxanne Shante” (Juice Crew). Then, he became a cast member in Season 11 of MTV’s Nick Cannon Presents “Wild N Out. “With ARNSTAR’s high-spirit and love for connecting with people on and off the stage many are drawn to his presence. His mission is to provide a world where people are free to express themselves to their highest ability by using his talents and his involvement in the community as an activist for the youth.

I got a chance to catch up with this busy star Arnstar to talk about the importance of hip hop and its culture as well as his music career.

Patrice: Thank-you Arnstar for sitting down for an interview for Your Voice Hip Hop magazine. You are versatile in the line of entertainment such as acting, music, dancing, serving in your community and being a hip-hop pioneer. I really applaud you for all your hard work and dedication.

Arnstar: Thank-you! I grew up in a household where all of these things are happening at once. My family are my greatest motivators. We listen to jazz and hip-hop, Anita Baker; my mother is old school. We also watch movies; that is what we do.

Patrice (laughs) You grew up in that environment where music was important such as old school hip-hop. What are some of your favorite artists whether they are old-school or artists in general?

Arnstar: My biggest music inspiration and performance is Michael Jackson. He literally gave everything he had whether it’s on the stage during performances or off the stage. Michael was always powerful with his delivery. That really captured me as a child.