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Here's the Sequence of Events in the Drama Between Tory Lanez & Megan Thee Stallion

Written by: Briana Wright @misswrighttv

Photo from Instagram @torylanez | @theestallion

This weekend, Tory Lanez broke his silence about the incident between him and Megan Thee Stallion via a new project titled DAYSTAR. It's release and its timing, following the ruling of the Breonna Taylor case, caused major controversy.

While Stallion fans are upset at anyone who listens to the album, Tory fans are upset that Megan's side of the story is the only one people are listening to. So, to help clear things up a bit, here is what we know so far:

July: The incident took place the second weekend of July. Initially, we only had video of Tory, Meg, and Kylie Jenner, having harmless fun in a swimming pool. Then, a brief (& poor quality) video came out of the cops raiding the vehicle and Megan limping and bleeding.

That Sunday, it was reported that Tory had been arrested for possession of a concealed weapon- a gun they found under the passenger seat of the car.

Later that week: Megan releases a statement saying she was shot, but does NOT disclose the shooter.

July 27th: After her song "WAP" went No.1 she went out in ATL to celebrate and people began to question the validity of her story. **At this point, people started to assume Tory shot her because he had a gun & because he was still quiet; but people were conjuring up their own reasons why, which frustrated Megan.

So, she goes on IG live and reiterates that she was shot. She also got emotional discussing how it affected her, mentions surgery and more. She uploaded pictures of her foot injuries on IG as well.

(*Note: On Tory's new album, he mentions her going live on his birthday...this is what he's referring to.)