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Healthy Chocolate Date Bites!

Anju Kapor @lifestylebyanju

Chocolate dates bites-

These chocolate date bites are healthy as they don’t have any processed sugar and are rich in protein and fiber from pecans and dates. You can use almonds, chia seeds, or any other nut of your choice.

Ingredients- 2 tablespoons cocoa 1 cup pecans 12-14 dates Shredded coconut, cocoa, crushed pecans, dry rose petals to roll balls Steps- Soak dates in water for 2-3 hours or put them in water and microwave them for 4-5 minutes. Put dates, cocoa, pecans, in a food processor and pulse them to make a smooth mixture, make them into balls and roll them on any toppings of your choice.

For garnish, I have used crushed pecans, cocoa, shredded coconut and dry rose petals, to enhance the flavor and look.


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