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Goal Setting: 5 Keys to Setting Goals and Achieving Them

The word goal means the end point of a race. It also denotes a way, course, or passage. When we consider setting goals we have to look at the end from the beginning. Where we seek to arrive determines our steps and pathway there.

Here are 5 keys on how to set goals and actually achieve them:

Clarity. Too many are running a race and don’t know where the finish line is located. Living life without a vision yields unproductive results or takes you much longer to get to where you are heading. It is vital to obtain clarity on your destination; and that may take some assessment on your decision-making process and how you function when it comes to your life purpose. Seek clarity on the goal.

Counsel. If you have never taken the path to where you are going, it is wise to get counsel. Now, this may look like reading books, prayer, meditation, and studying those who have already arrived. The intention should be to learn and gain direction. Pay attention and remember, a wise and prudent man listens to counsel.

Planning & Patience. Goals aren’t wishes granted by a genie. They take planning and patience. Consider the goal, how far along the path you may already be, and possible resources it may take to go further. You must also be patient with the process of personal development. Oftentimes, goals have a way of developing us as we venture out on developing them. Plan and employ patience.

Application. Many are great at gathering information yet fall short at actually applying what they've obtained. You must apply what you know so far in order to learn what you don’t know. Much of obtaining a goal is on-the-go, where you pick up skills, wisdom, and speed as you apply the current principles you already possess.

Trusting the Unknown. You will not know everything. I repeat: You will not know every detail, so trusting in that which is greater than you is key. There are factors for and against you, and through it all you must trust that your journey will lead you to the finish line.

Remember to enjoy the journey because a goal is a finish line; reaching one only begins a new one and life is what happens in between.

Tashima Jones is an author, host, and life coach who focuses on personal development and inner-wealth. Be sure to visit for coaching sessions, books and more. LifeClub members stay tuned for your download on Goal Setting. Not a Member? Join the Club here.

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