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Fashion Model & Entrepreneur Samira Grady

Samira Grady: A Rising Star in the Fashion World Samira Grady, is a 36-year-old model from Cleveland, Ohio. Samira is making waves in the fashion industry with her unique blend of classic elegance and modern edge.

Model turned entrepreneur, Samira started her own streetwear clothing line "DIVINE" January of 2023. Samira quickly ascended as a designer, personal and Celebrity stylist.

Samira has graced the cover of a top fashion magazine, Con Magazine, as well as several features in other publications. Samira seamlessly transitions between haute couture and streetwear fashion with ease.

Beyond the runway, Samira is passionate about social issues, actively supporting sustainable fashion and empowering young women.

When she's not modeling, she enjoys designing, going to the gym, and exploring new cultures through travel. With her remarkable talent, dedication, and philanthropic spirit, Samira Grady is not just a model but a true icon in the making.

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What a wonderful article! I am honored to be featured on your page! If anyone wants to contact me; my Instagram is @heavenlydvn and my clothing brand IG is @divine_clothingco. You can also follow me on Tiktok @divine.stamina. For Bookings, I can be reached at Thank you!!

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