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Even in His Death, Pop Smoke Shakes the Summer

Written by: Briana Wright @misswrighttv

Photo from Instagram @stevenvictor Tagged @ryder_ripps

Pop Smoke's posthumous album, Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon dropped on Friday. Now, after its highly anticipated release it is projected to debut at No. 1.

The album comes after Bashar Barakah Jackson, aka Pop Smoke, passed away last February at only 20-years old in what many suspect was a set-up. The Brooklyn rapper was shot and killed in his rental home in L.A. in what appeared to be a home invasion, but nothing was stolen which leaves many wondering.

With his entire career ahead of him, the release of his posthumous album has left fans both grateful and devastated; either way they’re tuning in and it shows.

The 19-track album features 50 cent, Roddy Ricch, Lil Baby, DaBaby, Future, Quavo and more. It’s diversity shocked listeners in that it was a lot more melodic than most expected.

Tracks like “What You Know Bout Love” “Mood Swings” and “Diana” showed fans that Pop was capable of not only shaking the room but also connecting with the ladies. There also was significant influence from executive producer, 50 cent. “Candy Shop” “Window Shopper” and “Many Men” are referenced/sampled but Fif spoke on how Pop did it in his own way and he supported him.

Pop didn’t abandon his traditional sound though, with tracks like “44 BullDog” and “Gangstas” we got the hard body/ drill vibe we’re used to. We also got a shot toward 6ix9ine and a track called “Snitching” (Sips tea...).

Nonetheless, things are looking good with nearly half of his album sitting in Apple Music’s Global Top 10, “For the Night” being No.1 and “The Woo” being No.2.

According to Hits Daily Double via HYPEBEAST, the album is projected to surpass Meet The Woo 2’s placement on the Billboard 200 and possibly hit No.1. Listen to Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon, available everywhere.


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