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Director Christina Cooper’s “Rising 6” casts Emmanuel Kabongo from the Star Trek TV series

Written by Yolanda Baruch IG: @yobwrite

Photo Credit: Christina Cooper Productions

Emmanuel Kabongo is the latest cast member in the new Rising 6 superhero movie. His role hasn’t been announced yet, but he is the first actor to be announced on the project besides producer/creator Christina Cooper. You might recognize Kabongo from the Star Trek: Discovery television series, Death She Wrote, and 21 Thunder. Christina Cooper is an actress, producer, and director known for Dear White People (2017), Never Heard (2018), and South Central Love (2019).

Photo Credit: Christina Cooper Productions

Rising 6 will center around six characters from poverty-stricken areas worldwide, who government officials recruit as experiments. Things will take an unexpected turn when the characters realize their newfound superhero powers – a result of an experiment gone wrong. The group will then unite to fight an unruly government in a new-age global battle.

Photo Credit: Christina Cooper Productions

Rising 6 is currently in production with creator/director/writer/producer Christina Cooper (South Central Love) and writer Dylan Cross. Also included in the production is a vast team of executive and associate producers, including J’Tasha St.Cyr, Veronica Cosmo, Kimisha Gill, Bianca Haly, Rashawn Underdue, La’Tonda Hardy-Davis, Ian Dill, Shauna D. Balfour, Rayssa Soler, Tiaqua Howard, and Samiyyah Van Sciver. We are excited to see the film hit the big screen!

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