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Deciphering Yoga

Written by: Priyanka Gaud @_resonance_of_mind

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“Our bodies are apt to be our autobiographies” - Frank Gelett Burgess

Yoga is another form of exercise that is being adopted by people around the world. Yoga is narrowly viewed as a fitness format that is originated in India but has become

immensely popular in the West over the last few decades. There are infinite benefits of performing yoga on different levels of living life. It should be followed by each & every individual. It is the real middle path of relief between all daily work hours until sleep.

Yoga, if seen in realistic way it’s a boon to lives. Yet it has many unveiled secrets to happenings of body & mind, peace in exposure to one's enhancement. I would like to

share some of them. However, yoga is actually a system meant for a healthy life, which focuses on the complete well-being of the mind and body. A holistic yoga approach covers

everything from physical asanas (postures) to conditioning the body for improving strength the flexibility, from breathing exercises that stabilize the mind & improves bodily functions for a better metabolism through slow & deliberate breathing, and meditation to improve awareness & presence.

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“Where attention goes, neural firing flows, and neutral connection grows” -Daniel J. Seigal

You might be wondering what the body has got to do with the yoga a physical performance, especially if you are interested in academics, arts or anything that is more cerebral rather than physical. The answer is actually quite a lot! One of the most profound biological

understandings of the last few decades is extremely interconnected nature of the mind & the body.

If yoga is something that interests you, then you have a large variety of formats to pick from.

There is classical Hatha yoga that is mostly about holding a pose while paying attention to how you breathe which also develops a focus & self-control power.

Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga involves a sequence of many asanas, seamlessly transitioning from one to another, which is a great conditioning exercise.

In the Iyengar form of yoga, the practice is supplemented with the use of props. There are more versions for those who are interested in exploring it seriously.

The longevity of yoga and its recent resurgence rooted in the fact that it uniquely blends both mental and physical exercises for holistic fitness. It completes the spiritual needs of humans. Yoga is also very accessible; the beginner's asanas can be done by people of all ages and

fitness levels. Yoga benefits the entire body while significantly reducing health risks and in many cases, it has been known to have even reversed health conditions. It is easy to get started with yoga as there are plenty of YouTube videos, apps, and of course yoga studios in all major cities.

To know deeply about yoga view the provided video below. You'll definitely going to understand more & be fascinated by it.

Thank you for reading. Wishing you healthy routine.

"A Brief History of Yoga - Art of Living"

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