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DaBaby Reveals His Plans for Retirement... and It's Sooner Than We Think

Written By Kailyn McBride @kxailyn

Travis Shinn / XXL Magazine Winter 2020 Cover Story

Despite DaBaby's success, he won't be in the game for too much longer.

The rapper told XXL Magazine about his plans for retirement within the next five years. Using his record label, Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment, Baby hopes to create new superstars but will not be rapping anymore at all.

Baby shared “I won’t be rapping in five years, I won’t be rapping. I’ll be creating other superstars.”

Revealing moments, success stories, and plans, Baby also shared his hopes for the future, “Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment, five years, definitely gonna be like one of the hottest labels in the game.”

Continuing, Baby told the magazine how he was able to maintain success during the pandemic. He credits his abilities to his work ethic as well as knowing which songs to choose like his chart-topping record with Roddy Ricch, "Rockstar."

"The way that I put shit together leading up until the pandemic definitely put me in the position to, right when the pandemic hit, like, I leveled up completely," Baby said. "I'm on a, you know what I'm saying, a whole other wave right now."

Check out DaBaby's full interview and more posted on XXL Magazine.


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