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Ciara and Russell Wilson Announce Children’s Book ‘WHY NOT YOU?’

Written by Blair Moon @_blairm

Cover uploaded by @Ciara on Instagram.

Ciara and Russell Wilson are a true power couple. Since the two joined forces and became partners back in 2015, they’ve continued to elevate and expand their brand.

Whether it be their ‘Why Not You?’ foundation or their joint R&C fragrance, or a production company, of funding a charter school in Seattle, or a clothing line like ‘Human Nation’ or more recently ‘Lita by Ciara’ to now, children’s books, these two are doing it all.

Taking to social media to announce the project Ciara and Wilson both shared their excitement.

“This book will encourage kids to believe in themselves,” Ciara said.

“Dreams do come true,” Russell stated.

The book is set for release on March 22nd, 2022, however, you can preorder it now, here


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