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Christian Hospital Opens Breast Cancer Treatment Center With All-Female Team

Written by Yolanda Baruch @Yobwrite

Rosa Contreras-Tessada serves as the head nutritionist for Oasis of Hope Hospital, supervising the nutrition program for all the hospital's cancer patients. Rosa is the granddaughter of Oasis of Hope founder, Dr. Ernesto Contreras Sr. and daughter of current Director Dr. Francisco Contreras, M.D. She leads the Breast Cancer Treatment Center's all-female staff at Oasis of Hope Hospital, offering a holistic approach to breast cancer that focuses on the whole person. The breast cancer center has a multidisciplinary team of leaders, including an oncologist, palliative care specialist, clinical nutritionist, psychologist, art therapist, and cooking teacher. Under Rosas's leadership, breast cancer patients have an amazing one-year, 100 percent survival rate for women with advanced-stage breast cancer who go there for treatment first, and a five-year 75 percent survival rate.

Rosa Contreras-Tessada, Team Lead, Breast Cancer Treatment Center

This October, with Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2021, Oasis of Hope Hospital is opening a Breast Cancer Treatment Center with an all-female multidisciplinary team to offer women a holistic treatment approach.

Rosa Contreras-Tessada, who currently serves as the head nutritionist for the hospital's cancer patients, will lead the team.

Entryway of the Oasis of Hope Hospital with Staff.

"The psychological and spiritual needs of the patient are fundamental and as worthy of attention as the physical needs," says Rosa, "We also focus on nutrition because we've found our natural immune systems are the most potent, God-given, cancer-fighting defenders we have available to us. Making a few intentional substitutions to the foods you buy and consume can make all the difference in your overall health and long-term wellness."