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Chris Paul Creates New Docuseries Highlighting HBCU Recruiting Struggles

Written By: Kailyn McBride @kxailyn

Bob Levey/Getty Images

The Oklahoma City Thunder point guard is producing a new docuseries which will be spotlighting the notorious competition between historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) with predominately white institutions.

Chris Paul, like many others, using their platform to televise the revolution, believes that historically black schools do not have the same advantages when it comes to funding, recourses, and recruitment as other large, non-predominately black institutions.

Partnering with Roadside Entertainment, Paul's goal for creating this docuseries is to acknowledge the various challenges that HBCUs face when competing with these bigger programs.

Earlier this year, Paul also partnered with a professor from the Harvard Business School in which the pair created a course called "The Business of Entertainment, Media, and Sports."

A course in which it brings together talent amongst professional athletes, musicians, actors, as well as aspiring executives from a variety of entertainment sectors.

Notable names who took this course along Paul include Dwayne Wade, Brandon Marshall, LL Cool J, Channing Tatum, and many more.

With Paul's long-term passion of supporting HBCUs and exploring the different ways to create improvements within school systems, Paul will be speaking from a place that hits close to home as one of his many objectives is to keep the conversation going and limit the many disadvantages that HBCUs have been and are currently facing.

“With the current racial awakening in our country prompting young athletes to look at where they play, it’s now more important than ever to shine a light on HBCUs and showcase their value in sports and society,” Paul said in a statement.

With Paul planning to be apart of the series himself, despite his involvement in the NBA season resumption, this project will debut sometime during the forthcoming 2020-21 NBA season.


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