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'Chestnut Family Christmas' Star Meagan Holder On Wh You Would Get If You Rented Her As A Girlfriend

The holidays are near and you know what that means? Brand new holiday films coming to your screens all November and December long. OWN has greenlit numerous holiday films and Chesnut Family Christmas is one you don't want to miss.

Starring 'Bring It On: Fight To The Finish' actress Meagan Holder and 'Tyler Perry's For Better Or Worse' actor Brad James, this holiday film tells the story of a talented pastry chef, played by Holder, currently working as a live-in chef, accidentally commits to hosting her family for the holidays, now must pose as a wealthy homeowner in order to impress them and to remove the "black sheep" burden she has been carrying her whole life.

During the 'Own For the Holidays' press conference, host Zuri Hall asked a question posed by Your Voice Media correspondent Ty Cole, asking Holder if someone were to rent her as girlfriend for the holidays, what would she bring to the table.

"If someone rented me as a girlfriend for the holidays, I would cook, bake, light candles, play their moms' favorite movies, and laugh at all the family's jokes," Holder laughed. She then spills her go-to dish for the holidays to cook as collard greens.

James shares what he expects as a newlywed this Christmas, letting us know he looks forward to family time and seeing whom within his family rented their boyfriend or girlfriend for the holiday season.

Rent-a-bae and make sure to tune into a 'Chestnut Family Christmas' which premieres on OWN on Tuesday, November 30th at 9 pm.


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