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Wellness: Change - Some Assembly Required

The one who truly desires change is found by their commitment; and the level of commitment determines the quality of the outcome. When people say they desire change, what they are really professing is the need to change within. External change requires internal adjustments. Here are a few tips on unearthing what needs to change within and how to actually experience it.

Desire. Do you really desire change? This is a question (and prerequisite) for genuinely experiencing the change you seek. Do you truly aspire to live a different life? Your desires are reflected in the everyday decisions you make. At times, it takes a while for desire to build within, but your choices inevitably reveal what you hope for. Check your desires.

Discover. Once you find the desires of your (healed) heart, discover the necessary changes needed. Oftentimes, the change we seek is found in the areas we least expect. For example, you may think it’s difficult to find a partner, but in realty you have to become a person who is ready to have a healthy relationship. Take time to focus on how your inner-being needs to adjust versus obtaining the thing you desire. Discover the healed you.

Dig. The hardest person to look at is you. Breath that in... Looking into the spiritual mirror at ourselves can be challenging not because of what we eventually find, but because we may have never truly met the person looking back at us. Digging deep into the recesses of your heart (including your thought processes and experiences) is a journey of tearing down and building up. It is an adventure of uprooting and replanting. Excavating the inner-being is a process that demands transparency, a willingness to heal, and a boldness to live as your authentic self. Take time to dig deep.

The change you seek is not out there. It’s within you and some assembly is required.


Tashima Jones is an author, host, and life coach who focuses on personal development and inner-wealth. Be sure to visit for coaching sessions, books and more. Listen to the new episode of LifeClub: Living Life As The Healed Version of Yourself. Not a Member? Join the Club here.

This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.


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