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Celebrity Acting Coach Louis Stancil Opens 2nd Acting Studio in Hollywood on Sunset

It was a magical day on Saturday, January 21st. or at least for Celebrity Acting Coach Louis Stancil it was. That's when he had the grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony for his second location for his acting studio LS Studios.

Photo Credit: @LSActingStudios on IG

Stancil also has a studio in Atlanta, however, he decided it was time to hit the west coast as well to present more opportunities for upcoming actors, opening a location in Hollywood right on Sunset Blvd.

LS Acting Studios in Atlanta found much success with numerous students working in the industry today. Stancil has worked under Will & Jada Pinkett-Smith’s production company: Overbrook Entertainment for productions such as “Charm City Kings’, REVOLT TV and many more notable name/ programs.

While speaking to Stancil at the event he couldn't even put into words how he was feeling but expressed that he was overwhelmed and appreciative of all the love and support from loved ones and people he'd never even met before.

"It was exciting," Stancil stated about how he felt the moment he cut the ribbon. "To have my family I haven't seen, my friends I haven't seen in so long just to be there and support. Actors I never met- just to show up, it was overwhelming."

The event featured a performance from Stancil's cousin, Award-winning Singer-songwriter Cocoa Sarai as well who also expressed her happiness for the new location.

"This is where you need to be," Sarai echoed to everyone thinking about taking acting classes at LS Studios. “This is a space where you will be able to cultivate your gift, be able to feed your spirit and be able to pay it forward.”

LS Studios intern/ student Joe Thomas Carter begins VoiceOver classes in the coming weeks and couldn’t be happier about the fact that the studio is black owned.

“I’m happy that this is a black owned studio,’ Carter expressed. “I have not heard of a black owned studio before and I’m ashamed to say that because I’m sure there might be some, but I think this is a really big deal, especially in Los Angeles. So, I’m really excited and I hope it blows up because we really need this… I’m so proud of Louis and I'm excited to get started and go on this journey.”

The event also featured testimonials from Stancil’s good friends like AJ Crimson, Radio Host/ LS Studios Voiceover Coach Reec Swinley, former Publicist Marielle and his family members.

If you’re thinking about taking classes at LS Studios, head to LSActingStudios.Com today.

Check out all the interviews and behind the scenes footage from the ribbon cutting ceremony below.


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