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Big Sean Addresses Miscarriage, Being Suicidal, and His "Beef" with Kendrick Lamar in New Song

Written By: Kailyn McBride @kxailyn

Photo from Instagram @bigsean

Big Sean recently dropped his new single "Deep Reverence" along with officially announcing the release date of his fifth album titled Detroit 2, coming September 4th, Labor Day weekend.

In the song, Big Sean addresses the unfortunate miscarriage that he shared with current girlfriend and R&B powerhouse Jhené Aiko. Along with the announcement of being suicidal, Sean briefly addresses the infamous feud he had with rapper and songwriter Kendrick Lamar.

Earlier this year, Sean downplayed rumored tensions between him and Kendrick in a 2-hour Interview with Joe Budden. Sean also acknowledged that Budden was one of the people to "push the narrative" and contribute to the heightening of the rumors between him and Kendrick that shouldn't have been that big of deal to begin with.

After sharing "we lost a baby," Sean goes on to lyrically describe his past battles with depression "Look, I ain't think I had the thought of suicide in me until life showed me all these different sides of me too many times I thought the reaper was outside for me."

In more lyrics, Sean references Nipsey Hussle’s untimely death, admitting that he reached out to Kendrick Lamar after hearing the tragic news. “It wasn’t even no real issues there to begin with,” Sean explains. “Lack of communication and wrong information/From people fueled by their ego, it’s like mixin’ flames with diesel.”

At the end of the song, Sean shares an interview snippet with Nipsey Hussle, where the rapper says that he wanted to collaborate with Sean and other Detroit rappers.


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