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Barbara Hershey Stars in the Nursing Home Horror Film 'The Manor'

Written by Yolanda Baruch @yobwrite

Blumhouse presents a new horror tale called The Manor that debuts October 8 on Amazon Prime Video.

The Manor Official Poster. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Amazon Studios.

Barbara Hershey plays 70-year old Judith Albright, who suffers a stroke that impairs her ability to tend to herself. She moves into Golden Sun Manor, a top-tier assisted-living facility. As Judith settles into her new environment, she develops friendships with other elderly residents like Roland, played by Bruce Davison. While the assisted living facility appears innocuous at first, Judith soon realizes there’s a malevolent presence that preys upon the vulnerable residents of a pleasant nursing home. Furthering her suspicions is when other residents begin to die suspiciously.

Judith tries to warn her friends and even confides in her grandson Josh (Nicholas Alexander), who feels his grandmother is succumbing to dementia. Considering no one will believe her, Judith sets out to escape The Manor rather than become its next victim.

The Manor costars Jill Larson, Fran Bennett and Katie Amanda Keane. The film's executive producers are Jason Blum, Jeremy Gold, Marci Wiseman, Lisa Bruce, Richard J Bosner, and Sandy King with writer-director Axelle Carolyn.

Barbara Hershey stars in The Manor. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Amazon Studios.

YV Media Correspondent Yolanda Baruch spoke to stars of the film, costars Barbara Hershey, Nicholas Alexander, and Bruce Davison about the challenges of getting older, what terrifies them, and if they would want to live forever.


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