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Ayesha Curry Launches a Magazine

Written By: Kailyn McBride. @kxailyn

Photo from Instagram @ayeshacurry

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Ayesha Curry has launched a quarterly lifestyle magazine debuting this May. 

Sweet July, a debut issue, will feature unique food, family, home tips, more than 20 recipes, friends, and more from her perspective. Collaborating with Meredith Corporation, the magazine will feature bonus content, answered questions from her daughters Riley and Ryan, and will have digital downloads available as well. 

In a recent interview with People Magazine, Ayesha Curry shared that she is both “nervous and excited about it,” “This first issue is all about presence and gratitude, which I think is so important, not only in life, but especially right now. I just hope that people find a sense from it.”

Ayesha Curry also revealed that she is both overjoyed and grateful that she will able to provide an escape for her readers during this tough time.

This $9.99 Magazine will be available on newsstands nationwide and ready for the enjoyment of the public. 


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