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Author, Athlete and Reality TV Star Ashlee Akins

Photo credit: Yantay S. "Villian"

Ashlee Akins is an All-Star, breaking her way through the scene! She is a reality TV star, two-time author, and president of the 501(c)3 nonprofit Urban Not Average’s Atlanta Chapter, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology. With Ashlee's ability to connect with so many people through her bubbly and fun personality, she is dedicated to staying active with her fans and followers.

She is a representation of “anything is possible". From growing up in the beautiful city of Jackson, Tennesse to moving to the city of opportunities, Atlanta, GA. Her passion for being successful has brought her to where she is today and is inspiring others.

Ashlee is confident, courageous, and she remains humble about life obstacles. This has allowed her to be a fan-favorite on the reality TV show Ready to Love, presented by the Oprah Winfrey Network. Because of her personality and positive mindset, she was the final pick for Alex in Season 1. Her career doesn’t stop here! She is the author of Formula 007 and Authentically Ashlee, making her a 2x published author. Both of these bestselling books touch on topics such as self-love/self-care, motivation, and womanhood. She is killing the game!

With Ashlee being an athlete herself, 2x finalist for the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders, and a semifinalist for the Atlanta Hawks Dance Team, she is passionate about the community of young student-athletes. By being the Board of Directors for 501(c)3 nonprofit Urban Not Average, she can be a mentor and provide resources for student-athletes and risk youth. Through workshops, programs, housing, and training, Ashlee is dedicated to building a better community. Be prepared to see more of Ashlee in 2022! For more information about what Ashlee has in store for the near future!

Ashlee Akins Social Media Information

Instagram: @_IAmAshlee007

Facebook: Ashlee Akins


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