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Asian Doll, City Girls and Megan Thee Stallion Have a Heated Argument on Social Media

Written by: Briana Wright @misswrighttv

Photos from Instagram @theestallion | @asiandabrat | @yungmiami305

Yesterday, a bunch of subtweets became direct; primarily between City Girl's JT and Asian Doll. In a series of recently deleted tweets from all three artists, drama came about after Asian went live on IG on Saturday.

In Asian's live on Saturday, she shared with her fans that she was originally supposed to featured on Megan Thee Stallion's song "Do It on the Tip" which is now featuring the City Girls, from her new album Good News. She also played her verse but declared that there wasn't any hard feelings and her and Megan were still friends.

Sharing the verse seemed to bother JT, as she started tweeting what appeared to be subs toward Asian. Yet, Asian didn't address it, saying, "If Jt ain't say my name then she wasn't talking to me stop being messy cause what I said was between me & Megan!"

Asian then went on to share how the situation was making her sad and how it had gotten out of hand. Whether something more than what we were seeing was going on...we have no clue but JT came directly for Asian shortly after.

In response to Asian's tweet, "Glad I BEEN pretty my WHOLE LIFE 😍" JT mentioned it and said, "Get a PRETTY hit record h*e, buoy got the RIGHT one!" This quickly incited a back & forth of firing shots of all kinds- almost too many to share since they've nearly all have been deleted; but here's some:

The spark notes version is basically JT calling out Asian for seeking drama, saying she's been taken off songs and that all this is a cry for attention. Asian's response is that she wants to fight, she mentions JT being a fan of her back in 2016, she says JT is nearly 30 years old chasing Uzi (whom she had dealings with in the past at some point) and that she was never coming for her.

There's plenty more words that were exchanged, as it is clear that both rappers had time this weekend. Yung Miami was only briefly involved to defend her group mate.

Megan became involved when Asian and her fans felt a way about Megan's lack of a comment. Initially tweeting about how the situation was never as deep as the comments insinuated, then responding to Asian when she began to discuss their relationship outside of rap.

Both Asian Doll and JT went live yesterday to clear some things up but I doubt the situation has been resolved. As I mentioned earlier, almost all of these tweets have now been deleted, and while there was still some talks of meeting up to fight it looks like a white flag may have been thrown by JT.

JT has since deactivated her Twitter account, so hopefully these women decide to focus on other things.


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