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Ashley Rae Harper Perfectly Fits The Definition of Flexibility

Written by Lesley Logan

Photographer : @insightphotography

Hair/MUA Stylist : @divatizing_divaz

Wardrobe stylist: @sweetsimplebeauty In middle school and in high school, Ashley loved playing volleyball and basketball. But a series of injuries led her to other pursuits, specifically acting.

Today, at the age of 18, she’s been part of the world of entertainment for four years and has already received impressive roles. She’s also been doing exciting things behind the camera, including directing and producing her own series.

At the same time, she’s studying mathematics and computer science at a local college. Outside of class, Ashley Rae Harper has a promising acting career to manage that seems to require more attention as word spreads about this bright young performer and more roles are offered.

Her role in “All We Got” is already getting a lot of attention. Currently streaming on Amazon Prime, it tells the story of Kristin Baker, a woman who returns to her hometown after many years due to her mother’s death. To fulfill her mother’s final wishes, she has to reconnect with family and friends that she walked away from, and they have to do the same with her.

“All We Got” includes a variety of flashbacks to explore the family dynamics and dysfunction that led up to the eventual estrangement. Ashley Rae Harper plays a younger version of Kristin’s sister Renee.

She recently sat down and shared details about her upcoming projects and the challenge of balancing her studies with her acting.

What’s your role in “All We Got”?

I played young Renee in the film. She was the wild child out of the four siblings. She was a crazy character to play but I had fun with the challenge. I relate well to the characters that I play because most of the time I play teen characters, which I’m grateful for.

How are you able to do so much at once being a student and actress?

I don’t know how I juggle everything, but I sometimes am able to get things done. Having a good schedule helps me.

Tell us a little about the story of “Am I Lost”?

The series is about a teen named, Janet who is dealing with family problems. Her parents are divorcing, her little sisters are bullies. She has a boyfriend named, Connor, who seems steady through most of the series, and then we learn that he’s not who he says he is. I am working with a close friend to see what the next steps are for my series. I can’t wait to share more when I am able to – it’s definitely something to watch out for. This project is special to me, I also co-produced, directed, and coordinated the cast for this project.

What can we look forward to seeing from you next?

I have a new project I just filmed that I’m not able to talk publicly about yet. However, keep watching my social media page for updates.

Make sure you follow Ashley Rae Harper on Instagram @ashleyraeharper.

“Am I Lost? “ Trailer


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