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Aidan Moreno Talks About His Role As The First LGBTQ+ Character On Heartland

Photo credit Brett Ida

In this interview with Aidan Moreno read about what obstacles he faced in his role as Rick Adderly in Heartland and his Christmas single, My Christmas Gift.


What is your creative process like?

The most important thing for me when approaching any of my work is to remember why I’m doing it. I do it because I want to share what I’m passionate about and always remember how blessed I am to have forged a career doing what I love. That blessing makes me approach anything with gratitude and focus, as I know I’m lucky to have the opportunity to act and sing. I don’t take that for granted ever. That always allows me to prepare and be professional and do the best of my ability. I think that’s all we can do in life, show up and shine. If that makes one person smile, I know I’m doing my job.

What can viewers/fans expect from your character Rick this season on Heartland?

Definitely more sass and sarcasm. Rick is great at throwing out one-liners and facial expressions that paint a thousand words. We also get to delve a little more into who he is as a person this season. We met Rick in Season 14 as the office knows it all, this season we get to see the man beyond the suit. His friendship builds with Lou, lending a much-needed shoulder and place to vent as she faces some tough life decisions. We also get to meet a member of Rick's family mid-season from across the pond and learn more about his personal life outside the office, including his significant other. Plus, and most importantly, we get to see him on a horse, and I don’t think you’re officially inducted into the Heartland history books till you’ve ridden into a scene.

What obstacles, if any, have you faced playing the first LGBTQ character on Heartland?

Heartland is such a Canadian staple, 15 seasons and still going strong and watched in over 100 countries worldwide. So, to play the show's first LGBTQIA character did come with some obvious pressures and responsibilities. The show is founded on the ‘traditional’ family values we have all grown to accept as the norm for decades, so for the writers and creators to bring a character from the community in was a much-needed addition but a very brave one when thinking of its target audience. I’ve received so many kind and supportive messages from the amazing Heartland fandom, championing Rick and seeing parts of themselves finally shown in the show. With that, I’ve also received a lot of hate, but I honestly can’t let that affect me as I know their issue isn’t with me or the community, it’s one within themselves, that’s their responsibility to become kinder and more inclusive and I’m not going to change their minds. My Focus is representing those who don’t feel seen, those sitting with their families on a Sunday watching the show, to let them know it’s ok to be true to who you are, and we all have a place in this world and it’s totally normal to be gay! We exist and always have and aren’t going anywhere!

You recently released a new album My Kind Of Trouble, how would you describe your sound?

My debut album was really a passion project. It was my therapy at a time of ending a decade-long relationship and facing myself and what I wanted to do with the rest of my life moving forward. I wrote about the hurt and pain we all go through with a breakup, the sentimental memories we cherish, and the ultimate self-empowerment we all need and should have to move on to bigger and better things. I would definitely call it pop for sure. It’s sprinkled with a dusting of country from my time living and working in Alberta, Canada where we film the show. I love a catchy hook and classic pop feel.

What/who inspired the transition to music?

My first love was always music, but falling into acting and when it took off, I really needed to focus on building my acting career and setting and following those goals to make it a stable and successful career. Once I felt settled in that path last year, getting renewed for my second season of Heartland and also being in lockdown for months, I had the time and resources to finally do a passion project. I did it for enjoyment and had zero expectations. Three months later I had 18 tracks and after teasing some online, the fans of the show responded so supportively and so 'My Kind Of Trouble' dropped in October and I’m so proud of the record.

Goals for the near future?

For Heartland to carry on as I think it not only provides comfort and escapism for so many around the world, but the characters have so many more stories to tell. So, I hope Rick and the show continue on into Season 16 and we get to give the LGBTQIA community more representation in the show and see where the writers take him. I’m planning to get back into the studio in the new year, which is really exciting and my charity Christmas Single, My Christmas Gift with all proceeds going to animal Shelters in Toronto and Calgary, is also out now.

Here’s the link to the single:

Photo credit Brett Ida


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