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Actress Olivia O'Neill Talks About her New Role in the Movie "The Exorcist"

YV Media: Share with us how you began your career in acting.

OlivO'Neillia: I always grew up drawn to performing. I was around five or six when I did my first musical, Beauty and the Beast, as a cupcake (pretty iconic if you ask me). I kept working at theater, but as I grew up, I definitely gravitated toward the acting part of performing. I did my first professional production when I was ten called 'Matilda the Musical'. I think this really solidified my love for acting and showed my parents my commitment. A few months later, I got into the film industry and I haven’t looked back!

YV: How did you land a role in the Universal/Blumhouse sequel “The Exorcist”? How was your experience on set?

Olivia: A solid mix of grit and luck! There were a lot of no’s said to me before the right one landed. This project was a result of patience and the right fit. My first experience on set was so overwhelming. My first day filming I was stabbing out the eyes of Ellen Burstyn! I knew next to nothing about being on set and the way things worked. Thankfully everyone was so patient with me, especially Jennifer Nettles, who really took me under her wing.

YV: Are you a fan of horror movies? If so, what is your favorite movie besides 'The Exorcist'?

Olivia: Oh yeah, I’m right at that age where I’m getting really into horror movies. I loveeeee the Scream franchise, I was actually Casey for Halloween this year! But yeah, I’m an adrenaline junkie so horror movies are a no-brainer.

YV: What role would you love to play? What are some of your career goals?

Olivia: I’m always so drawn to intense and challenging roles. I’d love to one day be a part of a film like Girl, Interrupted. Eventually, I’d love to take a stab behind the camera, too.

YV: Tell us about your passion to improve Mental Health in America for people.

Olivia: I’ve seen firsthand what an epidemic mental health issues have become. As humans, we all need to show more love and compassion to each other. I’m fighting for better understanding and care of those battling their mental health.

YV: Is there anything that you want your fans to know about you that we haven’t discussed?

Olivia: Ahh, I think I’d want people to know how much their support has meant. I’ve received nothing but the kindest messages on social media and meeting the fans is so fulfilling. I see all the kind posts and edits that you all tag me in and they make my heart so full. Thank you endlessly for all your love <33

YV: How can we find you on social media?

Olivia: Come say hi!!

Tiktok: @Smileyfacepancakess

Instagram: @oliviamarcumm

Photo Credit: Ben Cope


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