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Actress Hannah Levien Stars In Netflix's New Hit Series "Brand New Cherry Flavor"

CREDIT: Corey Nickols Hair & Make-Up: Aaron Barry

YV Media caught up with Hannah Levien to talk about her role in Brand New Cherry Flavor and to get insight on her current projects and achievements.


What advice would you give for someone trying to break into the entertainment industry?

Take some classes and get involved with your community. And gain practical experience- volunteer, do plays, student films etc. Your peers and colleagues can be your best allies and assets.

Who is your favorite screenwriter/author?

Author - I love Irvine Welsh. And screenwriters… I love Alfonso Cuarón, Wes Anderson, Aaron Sorkin and Taylor Sheridan’s films

Who do you wish to work with in the future?

Any of the above would be wonderful!

Do you enjoy acting more than writing or vice versa?

I’ve definitely had more experience acting, so I’d say it comes easier to me and I trust it more. Writing is a very different process for me!

CREDIT: Corey Nickols Hair & Make-Up: Aaron Barry

Tell us about your current show Brand New Cherry Flavor and your character.

BNCF is based on the novel by Todd Grimson. The premise is: A filmmaker (Lisa Nova played by Rosa Salazar) heads to Hollywood in the early ‘90s to make her first feature film, but tumbles down a hallucinatory rabbit hole of sex, magic, revenge - and kittens lol. I play Christine Woods, an Australian real estate agent living in LA and dating Lisa’s ex boyfriend Code (Manny Jacinto “The Good Place”), a kind, designer drug dealer. Christine becomes Lisa’s unlikely friend and co-conspirator in her revenge mission.

Are you working on any other projects?

I’m writing a feature film based on a short film I wrote a few years ago called Hunting Season. It’s a sci-fi piece and I’m really excited about it!

What would you say has been your favorite role so far?

Probably Brand New Cherry Flavor. I loved how all the design and story elements came together. So much creativity was involved.

What would you say has been your biggest achievement?

I’d probably say when I made my short film “Hunting Season”. It was a low budget film that myself and my director (Shannon Kohli) and producer (Ines Eisses) fundraised for. We filmed out on location in the woods in Canada, doing night shoots. It was such a big undertaking at the time, and I still can’t really believe we pulled it off! When we started playing film festivals around the world, I constantly had to pinch myself that it was all real (haha). It was a very cool experience and one I’m really grateful for.


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