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5 Movements You Can Do Anywhere

Jowan Ortega



When it comes to getting in our movement, there are times when the happenings of life may get in our way and try to prevent us from getting it done. I know I can’t be the only one who has had plans to go to the gym, you have your outfit on, already know what you’re going to do when you get there and before you know it those plans get pushed to the side. More often than not we end up doing nothing because our plans were essentially canceled and you don’t have any equipment at home. So what now? Here are five movements that you can do virtually any and everywhere and the best part is, they only require your body. Thus allowing you to still get in some movement and not letting life’s curve balls throw you off from building that habit of consistency.

  • Squats. This is one of the most important movements that you can consistently do within your workout routine. There is seemingly an endless list of variations that you can do, both weighted and unweighted, however, keeping in line with not relying on any equipment, the variation that I like to start with is a pause squat. It reinforces that you are able to own the bottom position of the squat which is important to not only build strength and power to get yourself back to the starting position, but is beneficial for gaining strength for other movements.

  • Push-Ups. These are one of my favorite upper body movements to do anywhere with no equipment, but it is one of the most consistent that we get wrong. Yes, it is primarily an upper-body movement as you are using your chest, shoulders, back and arms to complete the movement, but you are also engaging your core and legs to help maintain your form. There are many different variations of push-ups you can perform, I believe you should start with what feels most comfortable and work your way from there. Here is an example of a negative push up, which I like to use with my clients when a regular push up is just a little too hard but they are right there or to switch things up for myself.

  • Lunges. I am a firm believer that we need to normalize incorporating single-leg movements into our exercise routines and I feel that lunges are a perfect way to get started. You have many options to choose from (forward, lateral, reverse/step back, curtsy, the list goes on and on), but my go-to is the runner’s lunge. This variation of lunge is basically a reverse lunge but with the addition of a little stability at the end by driving that knee up towards your chest instead of bringing that leg back to the starting position on the floor. If the knee drive is causing you to be too off-balance, take it out and stick with the reverse/step back lunge until you feel a little more comfortable with that single-leg balance.

  • Crab Bridge With Reach. This is a great movement that helps work on hip extension but also opens the chest up with the reach, which will feel nice after doing some of those negative push-ups. While you are working your hamstrings, glutes and arms during the bridge position, you are also stretching the anterior/front part of your body (think chest and hip flexors). You can also perform this movement sans the reach if it is a little too much for one arm.

  • Breast Stroke Swimmers. These are truly deceptive! If you are familiar with “Supermans” these take it to a different level with the addition of some shoulder mobility. I like to use these as a great way to strengthen your glutes and low back as you squeeze your body off of the ground, but I am also sneaking in some great shoulder mobility with the arm movement.

Take a moment to check out these movements with the links that I have provided. You will also see that my partners and I at Form Fitness Brooklyn have an extensive library of variations for not only the movements that I have shared with you here, but a lot of other movements to help you along your fitness journey on our YouTube channel (like, comment and subscribe!). Please do not hesitate to DM me on IG if you have any questions, comments or if you give any of the movements a try.




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