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3 Types Of People You Should Never Date

Written by: Sumeet Manohare @accidental_blogger

How many times it happens that a person who seemed just perfect in first impression turns out to be someone you would've never thought. This can be very painful in case of relationships, you'll end up with a broken heart. So, it's important to know what types of people you should never date. It's important to notice what they call, the red flags. 1. The Blamer - A person who always blames other people for their misery. Be it a past lover, a friend, a family member, a sibling, etc, they are always pointing out mistakes of others. You'll hardly hear this person accepting his/her own mistakes. Such person has victim mentality and you must avoid such people.

2. The Controller - Someone who tries to control the way you talk, behave and live your life. They will want you do everything in a way they want. This type of people are selfish and immature who still need to work on themselves. Noticing this trait quickly can save you from being in a toxic relationship.

3. The Confused - This confused person will never say what they want from you. You'll end up being confused all the time about where your relationship is going. One day you might feel like they want you and next day you'll be thrown away like nobody. Leave this person before you become them. One of the main reasons why people end up in horrible relationships is because they always ignore the red flags or warning signs. They let their feelings for some person blind them from seeing the truth. The types mentioned above are the most common types of people you'll keep meeting in your life, so it's important to never invest in such people.

Though, we all can belong to the types of people mentioned above. While looking for a perfect match we must first accept our own flaws & improve on them.

Like the famous quote goes, "We attract what we are".

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